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From huge anthemic sounds on the main stage to dreamy late night acoustic vibes by the lake, this is what it’s all about. That feeling in the pit of your stomach when you hear raw talent that moves you. That urge to get up and dance your heart out because you just can’t stand still. Lubstock was borne of a dream to ‘bring great new music to young people’, and has become renowned for bringing astounding up-and-coming talent to everyone. Crossing genres through indie, rock, blues, folk and beyond, the one thing our acts do have in common is they love this as much as you do.

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We have the luxury of knowing one of the most creative promoters in the business and this tent will have an amazing line-up planned which will make everyone in the party crowd happy . Friday night’s “Mingle” will deliver an audio powerhouse of disco, electroswing and tech-house with a friendly, inclusive atmosphere that guarantees an amazing time both musically and socially. How many new best friends can you make? Saturday’s “Bass People” is for all the festival’s party friendly crew. From old skool tunes to modern basslines, this is THE night for all of you that are the Lubstock family. Miss it, miss out.

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