Theme – Mad Dogs and Magical Creatures


Deep in the English countryside there lies a tranquil lake by a lush, green meadow, bordered by unspoiled woodland. It is but one time a year that the bands strike up, calling all Mad Dogs and Magical Creatures to gather for a weekend of music, laughter and love!

This July, get ready for fairies, trolls and unicorns to unite under the sun and dance to glorious live music under the stars. Channel your inner shaman, bring along your pixie dust and let the creativity flow in whatever mad, magical way you can dream up.

Lest we not forget the festival’s origins; our resident Mad Dogs will always be a part of Lubstock, so if the canine spirit resides within you, set it free! Don your best top hat and monocle, howl at the moon and embrace your eccentricity – now is the time you can let rip and get up to whatever mischief the beast within desires…

Costumes are very welcome, but by no means compulsory. Wear whatever makes you feel awesome. (Because you are.)

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