Swing Dancing with the Mudflappers

Welcoming back the Mudflappers after their Lubstock debut last year, they’ll have you up dancing and loving it! Or if you prefer to sit back and relax, there’ll be performances to watch and enjoy. You might even catch them throwing some shapes at the lake stage speakeasy and elsewhere – you just can’t keep these guys off the dancefloor (Even when it’s made of grass…)


The Mudflappers is a not-for-profit collective, specializing in dances of the 1920s-1940s. We teach and perform the lindy hop, Charleston, balboa and collegiate shag.
Over the years we’ve seen that everyone can dance, they just don’t always realize it.  We get a kick out of getting absolute beginners up and dancing, en masse. We simply like to get people moving and having fun.
Last summer we performed our stage show and taught at a range of festivals and events, including Festival no. 6, Shambala and of course Lubstock!
We’re not afraid of taking classic vintage moves and putting them to more modern music – we want people up and dancing, whatever the tune! Fancy seeing a huge crowd of people Charlestoning to Rappers Delight? You need the Mudflappers.

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