Massage and Yoga


Lili and her partner Terry are passionate about yoga and massage, and also about returning to Lubstock.

Lili tells us her story:

I rediscovered yoga when I visited and fell in love with India and did a yoga teacher training course (in New York, not India!)

I have experimented with a number of different yoga styles; Astanga, Shadow, Yin, Sivananda, Pregnancy, but also martial arts (Batto Do) and cycling – I am a qualified Spinning instructor and Schwinn instructor. The fusion of these three activities is perfect for my constitution. I understand the requirements of a very diverse range of people.

As well as teaching large general group classes I teach small closed groups, private classes and work with people recovering from injury. I see yoga as a craft. I never stop learning it, and I soak up inspiration from my students.

Yoga is my path but I like to keep challenging myself. I’ll never stop.

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