Kids Area


Young people are at the heart of Lubstock, and our goal is to bring them great live music and show them what a wonderful place the world can be, if just for the weekend.

For the older ones keen to be exposed to music, there’ll be workshops plus performances from their peers on stage to light that fire of inspiration. Even the little ones can get involved with our very own ukelele class and some singing and dancing designed just for them.

On top of that, there’ll be a whole host of circus equipment to play with all weekend (though experience tells us the grown ups enjoy this too!) The beautiful face painting stall returns so they can be transformed into whatever magical creature they desire.

The lake is Lubstock’s most popular feature, and be assured we have a  lifeguard on duty to keep everyone safe. They’re fee to splash about in the natural freshwater, captain one of the boats or lounge on a lilo.

We recommend bringing childcare so you can tuck the kids up in bed and enjoy the later hours of Lubstock carefree…

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